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2015 - The big fall of Western real estate
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    The crisis has demonstrated the fragility of Western real estate markets, raising many questions amongst the large audience that is interested in the residential real estate market, either as a buyer, seller, owner, tenant, business or private individual. It has also allowed everyone to become aware of the complex links between the different national real estate markets and international developments in the economy, finance, foreign exchange and interest rates. Finally, it makes sense to many that real estate markets have reached an historic turning point.

    But this awareness is usually a victim of the shortage, even the lack of analysis, enabling the inclusion of a far-reaching and material era, a necessary condition of any credible attempt to forecast future real estate market developments in one’s own country. And these forecasts are dependent on fundamental questions: when to sell? when to buy? should one rent?

    With this book the two authors, Sylvain Perifel and Philippe Schneider, fill this gap in the Western world real estate market, for which they have indisputably discovered common trends. They successfully mix, with an easy style which is always easy to follow, accurate analysis, critical data, closely reasoned argument, forecasts with not only dates but numbers, and useful tips for the individual, the professional or the business, making this book a real decision-making tool.


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