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World crisis
The Path to the World Afterwards
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The current crisis is a global systemic crisis

  • The crisis thrusts us outside the world shaped by three centuries of European and Western domination
  • Measuring the extent of the challenge posed for anticipating the world after the crisis
  • The present depends as much on our experiences as our expectations
  • Taking stock of the current crisis, a global systemic crisis
  • The recovery that can’t happen
  • The West is committing suicide with the new bubble in Government borrowing

2010-2020 : Build a new global governance or gradually sink into a conflict between major regional blocs

  • The decade 2010 - 2020 The lynchpin of world order for the following decades
  • The inability of the G20 to change the international game in 2009 leads to inevitable global geopolitical dislocation
  • Two major trends will steer the 2010-2020 decade
  • The French case: The French and France at the crossroads influence history again or sink into anonymity
  • Europeans are the only possible switchmen for the world train between 2010 and 2020
  • The first half of the decade marked primarily by world geopolitical dislocation
  • The rapid disintegration of the whole of the current international system
  • The downfall of the strategic ties of the world financial, economic, monetary and strategic system
  • The crisis, the catalyst of the restoration of the supremacy of the real economy over the virtual economy
  • 2010-2020 decade, towards a knockout victory by the gold over the Dollar
  • Nuclear Proliferation 2010-2020 : Towards a new treaty or in the direction of world chaos
  • Strategic dislocation of the big global players
  • The United States facing the historic “perfect storm”
  • The European Union in the face of its destiny as a future-maker. Between global switchman or National-Europeanism
  • Russia is better prepared than the others for this historic transition
  • China, when the provincial cousin becomes one of the big bosses
  • Japan and Taiwan, two examples of the emergence of an Asian bloc around Beijing between now and 2015
  • Latin America, so close to becoming an innovative international player, but so close to the U.S
  • Africa, more suitors and little hope
  • Middle East and the Muslim world. The more things happen, the less it changes
  • Israel 2020, two scenarios: Towards the end of the state of Israel, or towards a lasting Israeli state
  • The Resurgence of Turkey 2010-2020, the gradual exit from the Western camp
  • The Balkans 2014, the last EU enlargement

Adapt France to the “world after”. Ten years to exit the two century-old centralized model

Europe, a crucial decade to anchor in the reality of the Europeans and the world after the crisis

  • European integration : A laboratory prototype suddenly cast into history in 1989
  • Since the mid-1990s, the European elite haven’t known what to do with Europe except preventing its citizens taking control
  • The EU in the face of the challenge of its historical anchor in the people
  • The Brussels elite are just as parochial as their Parisian counterparts
  • The Eurozone, the only engine of European integration
  • R (evolution) in key foreign languages within the EU between now and 2020. French, German and Russian, the coming decade’s winning threesome
  • Value of international university degrees 2010-2020, look out for the crisis in “subprime” degrees!
  • In a world in full upheaval, prestigious university degrees will also become risky investments!
  • 2012, European education in the face of the post-Erasmus rendez-vous
  • The great European academic challenge in the years 2010-2020: Putting in place a successor to Erasmus
  • The decade when Islam converts to Europe
  • Progressive forces in Europe no longer have a future at national level
  • EU 2020, towards polycentrism and the end of the 1950s triangle

Two narratives of the future 2010-2020

  • The painful dawn of the “world after”
  • The tragic twilight of the “world before”

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